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Welcome to Caped Canines

Assistance Academy!

Navigating the world of assistance dogs can feel overwhelming. Caped Canines was founded with the goal of helping to ease the burden for those who need a canine companion. What sets us apart from other organizations offering service dog training? Caped Canines focuses on individuals who could benefit from an assistance dog, but have the ability to self-train their dogs. Our goal is to provide these individuals a rock solid foundation for their potential working dog and guide them through the entire process, from puppy raising to obedience, from public access testing to tasks, and everything in between. Our founders, Justine Oakwood and Tori Tilley, have a combined 25 years in dog training. As pet dog trainers, we have met hundreds of individuals who would benefit from an assistance dog, and don't need to invest $50,000.00 or wait for 1.5-3 years to be placed with a dog. They have the ability but not the skills needed to train their own dog.

That's where we come in!

Let's go for a walk to see if Caped Canines Assistance Academy is the right fit for you. Then, head over to our 
"Ideal Client" page to see if you're the right fit for us! 

Assistance Dogs

There are three main types of assistance dogs.

If you're not sure whether or not you need

a service dog, check out the "Understanding
Assistance Dogs
" tab of our website before proceeding.

Finding the right Breed and Breeder

Finding the right breed for your needs is one of the most critical components of making sure you have a dog who will adequately do the job you require. Once you've selected the appropriate breed for you, sifting through the hundreds of breeders to find an ethical breeder who tests for all of the right things and gives your potential puppy the best start in life is the second most critical component on your journey. We can do all the right things in the training process, but starting with a genetic mess can be the difference         between putting all of your time, money, and energy into a dog who passes or fails. Review our "Breeding" tab now!

Our Fast Start Program

Now that you've decided on your breed, selected a breeder, and are ready to get started, the feeling of overwhelming options may hit you. This is where our Fast Start program saves the day. In order to create a service dog who will excel through the pressure, distractions, frustrations, and challenges that come with being a working dog, our Fast Start program enrolls your dog in the beginning stages of training. Leave the foundation work to the professionals, so you know that the puppy you acquired has the best chance at becoming the dog you desire. 

Check out our base programs under the "How to Create a Caped Canine" tab now! The Fast Start Program takes away the pressure of building the most perfect foundation possible for your dog. In a program that moves your dog between the professionals and your home, skills are slowly transferred and generalized. Once your dog is ready, CCAA will walk you through Public Access Testing (PAT) and task training. You'll never feel left alone to navigate your training. 

Intake Form

If all of the above information looks good to you, your next step is simple. Please complete our "Intake Form" by following this link. The more detailed your responses are, the better our quotes, training timelines, and estimates will be.

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