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Caped Canines Assistance Academy has the vision to help as many individuals as possible who need assistance dogs receive the education and support they may need in order to train one. That being said, the format of the program that CCAA offers demands a specific, “ideal” client.


Due to the owner-training requirements within CCAA programs, our ideal client:

  • has the financial means to care for a dog (food, grooming, veterinary care, etc.)

  • is able to care for the dog by themselves or with the assistance of someone living in the household

  • has a strong support system who will be readily available to assist 

  • is patient and determined

  • has realistic expectations about the dog’s job and life with them

  • works with a full medical team

  • has owned dogs before, even if not a service dog

  • has the ability or transport available to get to and from appointments

  • is attentive and receptive to instruction

Dogs and their handlers are accepted into the program:
1. If they meet the above requirements
2. Have completed the Client Intake Form

3. By scheduling and completing a Client Evaluation with Tori and Justine

4. If there is an open spot with an approved dog

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